Glenormiston has been owned by NAPCO since 1968 and is positioned at the top end of the Channel Country, sharing boundaries with NAPCO owned property Marion Downs.

The homestead is situated on the banks of Lake Idamea which is filled by Pituri Creek, with the Georgina River flowing through the north eastern part of the property on its way south.

The property has a variety of country from the Toko ranges on the western side through to the flood-out areas in the east.

Manager/Contact Ryan Gurney
Locations 130 km north west of Boulia QLD
Operations Glenormiston is operated as a breeding property, breeding and growing weaners for eventual consignment to Wainui Feedlot.
Postal Address Glenormiston Station, Boulia QLD 4829
Phone 07 4746 1211
Cattle Numbers 10 000 adult equivalents depending on season
Area 692 000 hectares
Annual Rainfall 201 mm