With the purchases of Kynuna in 1986 and Dagworth in 1995, NAPCO has created an aggregation of some of the best country on the headwaters of the Diamantina River. The town of Kynuna, which straddles the highway from Longreach to Cloncurry, is just across the river from the Kynuna station homestead.

The country is a mix of Mitchell grass plains and Gidyea timber with the river running around the edge of the north and eastern boundaries.

Manager/Contact Mark Walsh
Locations Adjacent to the township of Kynuna QLD
Operations Kynuna and Dagworth are operated jointly as grass finishing properties..
Postal Address PMB 1081, Julia Creek QLD 4823
Phone 07 4746 8631
Cattle Numbers 4 000 adult equivalents depending on seasonal conditions
Area 140 563 hectares
Annual Rainfall 417 mm