NAPCO purchased Monkira in 1939.

Monkira is located on the Diamantina River in Queensland’s Channel Country. It adjoins NAPCO owned Coorabulka to the north and is NAPCOs southern most Channel Country property.
Monkira is dominated by the mighty flood plains of the Diamantina River, which produce highly productive pastures of blue bush and native sorghum.

Manager/Contact John ‘Menzies’ Powell
Locations 130 km east of Bedourie QLD
Operations Monkira operates as a grower property for weaner steers prior to consignment to backgrounding properties or direct to the Wainui Feedlot. Monkira is managed in conjunction with Coorabulka.
Postal Address Monkira Station, MS 160, Windorah QLD 4481
Phone 07 4656 4956
Cattle Numbers 7 800 adult equivalents depending on season
Area 373 000 hectares
Annual Rainfall 221 mm