Staff Training

NAPCO is committed to the development of the skills and career advancement of our employees.

The company provides the opportunity for our employees to fine-tune skills and advance to a higher level. For select staff who are new to the industry and to the company, the annual NAPCO Orientation/Induction Training Program, in partnership with a registered training organisation, may be provided to teach basic skills to assist new staff with the transition into their new roles.

Opportunities available to NAPCO staff include:

  • Entry level training (for new NAPCO recruits)
  • On the job training (where more experienced NAPCO staff share their practical knowledge, skills and years of experience)
  • Skill Development Programs/Traineeships (leading to Certificate II and III in Agriculture – Beef Cattle Production)
  • Professional Development Programs


Practical training and skill development activities are conducted by NAPCO staff or preferred training providers, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Cattle Husbandry
  • Cattle Mustering / Low Stress Stock Handling
  • Horse Handling / Horsemanship
  • Horse Shoeing / Farrier Skills
  • Maintenance of fences, yards and watering points & bores
  • Operating and Maintaining Equipment & Vehicles
  • Four Wheel Driving
  • Motorbike Riding
  • Apply First Aid
  • Working in Teams
  • Leadership